Reaching North America For Christ Till Everyone Hears.

Will Rodriguez

Senior Vice President for Nation Development

The Gospel Need in North America

While North America has a rich history of Christianity, it is undeniable that many people in the region are living in a world of chaos, hopelessness, and despair. The pressures of modern life can be overwhelming, leaving many individuals feeling lost and alone. Yet, the Gospel offers hope, peace, and love through Jesus that can bring light to even the darkest of situations. It is our responsibility as followers of Christ to share this message with those who need it most. We must be bold and compassionate in our efforts, reaching out to our neighbors, coworkers, and friends to share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. Let us strive for revival and renewal in North America. Through our prayers and efforts, we can help more people experience the transformational power of the Gospel, bringing hope and healing to individuals and communities alike.

Evangelism Explosion Ministries In North America (5 Countries)

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