Reaching Oceania For Christ Till Everyone Hears.

Ms. Anne Bowie

Vice President of EE Oceania

The Gospel Need in Oceania

Oceania is a region that is home to many diverse cultures and traditions, yet the challenges that many people in the region are facing cannot be ignored. Poverty, environmental degradation, and social inequality are just some of the problems that are plaguing the region, leaving many individuals feeling hopeless and helpless. However, the Gospel message offers a message of hope, healing, and restoration that can transform even the most dire of situations. This is why we are working with the local churches in Oceania to disciple Christians to share their faith boldly and lovingly with those around them. We know when people place their trust in Jesus and Him alone, it changes everything. Together, we can make a difference by being obedient to fulfilling the Great Commission and being the messengers of the Gospel of peace to individuals and communities alike.

Evangelism Explosion Ministries In Oceania (7 Countries)

5th Congress Of Nations 2023

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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