Reaching Eurasia For Christ Till Everyone Hears.

Mr. Evgeny Meledin

Vice President of EE Eurasia

The Gospel Need in Eurasia

The need for the Gospel in Eurasia is great. Millions of people in this vast region of the world are living without hope, never having heard the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. The barriers to spreading the Gospel in Eurasia are many, including political and cultural challenges, poverty, corruption, and social unrest. However, the situation is not hopeless. We are working tirelessly to bring the light of Christ to this region by discipling the Church to share our faith. By joining together in this mission, we can make a significant impact in these countries. Let us not turn a blind eye to the Gospel need in Eurasia. Together, we can make a difference and bring the hope and love of Christ to those who so desperately need it.

Evangelism Explosion Ministries In Eurasia (10 Countries)

5th Congress Of Nations 2023

Helsinki, Finland

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