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The Way You Walk posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 19

You've heard the phrase, 'lead by example,' many times, I'm sure. You also know that you can say really great things, but if you don't put those principles and values to action, you might as well not say anything at all. No matter who or where you are, a small or a big sphere of influence, you are being watched. Belle was a new believer who wanted to share her faith as much as possible. She had...  Read the full post ( 345 words, estimated 1:23 mins reading time )

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Fruit of the Spirit posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 12

How much do you look like Christ? Galatians 5:22-23 says, ‘but the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!’ You see, if we're walking in the Spirit - really spending time with the Lord, we will see the same characteristic traits that Jesus has, i...  Read the full post ( 314 words, estimated 1:15 mins reading time )

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The Gospel offers Hope in Sudan Refugee Camp posted by Evangelism Explosion on Aug, 7

More than 1.2 million people have fled from the war in Southern Sudan and settled in Northern Uganda. Conditions in the refugee camps are harsh. Men, women and children live in simple dirt huts that they have often built themselves. Food is only supplied once each month by the United Nations. There is no running water and no gardens to grow food. Yet, refugee believers within the camps are rising...  Read the full post ( 428 words, estimated 1:43 mins reading time )

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Apologetics: I don’t Believe in God posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 5

What are you afraid of? Now, I don't mean spiders, heights or the dark. I mean, why are you scared to share your faith? Perhaps you're scared of the questions that could be asked. How about the big one - how do you know that there is a God? Witnessing to an Atheist can seem daunting, but you know what? God loves them as much as He loves a believer, and He wants them to know that! That's a pretty i...  Read the full post ( 332 words, estimated 1:20 mins reading time )

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Praying for the Lost posted by John Sorensen on Jul, 30

What does your prayer life look like? I'm sure you're praying for family, friends and probably some major world events. As believers, we know we should pray and we know that prayer works. We've seen it. The Lord wants us to come before Him in prayer for anything we need. He desires a relationship with us and prayer is a big part of that. But, are our prayers self-centered? Now, I'm certainly...  Read the full post ( 384 words, estimated 1:32 mins reading time )

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Free Indeed posted by jwatson on Jul, 22

"Now I seek opportunities to share His goodness and love and He provides those divine appointments willingly!" "EE brought me to believe, believe, believe!" "I found grace within these walls." Do those statements sound like hope? Joy? Freedom, perhaps? Well, each of those brief testimonies I just spoke of, come from prisoners who have been a part of Evangelism Explosion's Prison Ministry!...  Read the full post ( 256 words, estimated 1:01 mins reading time )

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Reach Out posted by John Sorensen on Jul, 15

"Whether it is myself, my family, my friends or my neighbors, I am discovering that God is always reaching out and that he is always inviting me to participate," said a young man named Chad. Chad grew up in a Christian home, but thought he couldn't measure up, so he began looking at other religions. He said he found them all to be hollow and without purpose. A family member invited him to go to...  Read the full post ( 279 words, estimated 1:07 mins reading time )

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Wherever You Are posted by John Sorensen on Jul, 8

What did Jesus command believers to do in Acts chapter 1? I can tell you for certain that He didn't say, 'hey, tell people about Me if you feel like it, but just going to church on Sundays will work, too.' No, Jesus isn't concerned with keeping us comfortable or letting us coast through our life until we get to Heaven. What Jesus is concerned about is that we have a relationship with Him and le...  Read the full post ( 354 words, estimated 1:25 mins reading time )

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Born Free posted by Evangelism Explosion on Jul, 1

Have you found freedom in the peace and assurance given by the Lord? A young man named John said, "For once, I was at peace and not afraid of dying..." ' You see, John was in the United States Army, and admits that before he joined, the world seemed to revolve around him. He says that when he realized the world didn't revolve around him, he also realized he was not a child of God. An Army ch...  Read the full post ( 278 words, estimated 1:07 mins reading time )

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There When You Need It posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 24

Aren't you glad that God always gives us what we need? He really does. I'm sure you can recall countless times when you weren't sure how you would make it through a situation, but just in time, everything turned out okay. You can look back and see God's hand in your life over and over again. That's what's so great about the Hand Presentation - we always have what we need to share the Gospel! Y...  Read the full post ( 304 words, estimated 1:13 mins reading time )

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