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Invest Your Saturday posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 15

How do you spend your time on the weekends? Most people who are off work spend time with family, friends or resting. Or juggling all of the chores you didn't get around to during the week! So, I know, Saturdays can be sacred. But I am going to challenge you with something. Invest your Saturday into someone's eternity. Here's how you can do that: go to an Equip America event. We're going all over...  Read the full post ( 366 words, estimated 1:28 mins reading time )

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After-School Program Trains Thousands to Share Jesus posted by Evangelism Explosion on Oct, 15

Inner city Chicago is known for poverty, crime, and gang activity. One ministry is trying to change that, one child at a time. During each school year, By The Hand Club For Kids does more than provide a safe environment for children after school. They help kids from kindergarten through college and beyond excel academically, provide nutritious meals and medical exams, and teach them about the love...  Read the full post ( 565 words, estimated 2:16 mins reading time )

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Adjust Your Focus posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 8

You know, it can be easy to go through your life focusing on yourself while forgetting to pay attention to the needs of others. The same can be true while witnessing. We might be determined to share the Gospel with someone, all the while completely ignoring their needs. An easy to remember tool to share your faith is the hand presentation. It has five main points and it's simple! First, hold up y...  Read the full post ( 344 words, estimated 1:23 mins reading time )

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Icebreakers posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 30

Can you think of a time when you put your foot in your mouth? Everyone can recall a moment they wanted to blend in with the wall behind them because of something they said. We're all human and it happens! But we don't want that to happen when we share the Gospel. Now, I'm not saying that if you stumble over your words or something doesn't come out exactly the way you rehearsed, that God won't u...  Read the full post ( 342 words, estimated 1:22 mins reading time )

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Church Spotlight: From Restlessness to Evangelism… posted by Evangelism Explosion on Sep, 25

One Church renews its commitment to the Great Commission New Palestine Bible Church began simply as a church satellite in Indianapolis on Easter Sunday morning in 2001. Since its inception, missions has been a part of the vision. The church gave a tenth to missions efforts and supported several missionaries. “As far as local outreach goes, we did different things at different times, but I wo...  Read the full post ( 492 words, estimated 1:58 mins reading time )

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War Zone posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 23

Are you intimidated to share your faith in this day and age? It really can be intimidating as our culture continues to shift away from the Gospel and closer to lifting up whatever it is that will bring an individual instant gratification. Don't let a secular society prevent you from sharing the love of Jesus! Everyone is searching for purpose and meaning in their life and Jesus is the only One...  Read the full post ( 306 words, estimated 1:13 mins reading time )

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Sharing the Gospel with Friends posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 16

Think of someone you know who you want to spend eternity with in Heaven. Do they know Jesus? Do they know that you know Jesus?  You see, assuming your friend doesn't want to know about Jesus is very dangerous. Just because they know you are a believer but haven't asked about your faith, does not mean they're closed off to it. They most likely don't know how important faith in Jesus really is....  Read the full post ( 343 words, estimated 1:22 mins reading time )

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Step of Faith posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 10

Do you have kids? Do you remember their first step? It took a while to get there, didn't it? There were months of preparation for that first step, failed attempts, scoots and falls, but eventually, it happened! The first step can be scary for the child! As an adult, you look at the baby from a much different perspective. Why is that? It's because you know. You know that first step will lead to...  Read the full post ( 339 words, estimated 1:21 mins reading time )

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No Need to Fear posted by John Sorensen on Sep, 4

  Are you scared to speak up? Truthfully, some of us may be on the other end of the spectrum, and may need to keep our mouths closed every once in a while! But when it comes to sharing the Gospel, we should always be ready to speak the truth in love! You see, we're told in Luke chapter 12 verse 12, by the Lord Jesus Himself, that the Holy Spirit will give us the words to say when we need them....  Read the full post ( 313 words, estimated 1:15 mins reading time )

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Practice posted by John Sorensen on Aug, 26

How can you speak if you don't know what to say? You know, it's a valid question. How can we share the Gospel if we don't know how? We can't. But don't let that stop you. You see, what I mean, is that while we can't witness if we don't know how, we do have the tools to do it. We just need to be trained. Jesus gave us the perfect outline by which we can share His Gospel when he spoke with the wo...  Read the full post ( 361 words, estimated 1:27 mins reading time )

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