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Reach Out posted by John Sorensen on Jul, 15

"Whether it is myself, my family, my friends or my neighbors, I am discovering that God is always reaching out and that he is always inviting me to participate," said a young man named Chad. Chad grew up in a Christian home, but thought he couldn't measure up, so he began looking at other religions. He said he found them all to be hollow and without purpose. A family member invited him to go to...  Read the full post ( 279 words, estimated 1:07 mins reading time )

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Wherever You Are posted by John Sorensen on Jul, 8

What did Jesus command believers to do in Acts chapter 1? I can tell you for certain that He didn't say, 'hey, tell people about Me if you feel like it, but just going to church on Sundays will work, too.' No, Jesus isn't concerned with keeping us comfortable or letting us coast through our life until we get to Heaven. What Jesus is concerned about is that we have a relationship with Him and le...  Read the full post ( 354 words, estimated 1:25 mins reading time )

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Born Free posted by Evangelism Explosion on Jul, 1

Have you found freedom in the peace and assurance given by the Lord? A young man named John said, "For once, I was at peace and not afraid of dying..." ' You see, John was in the United States Army, and admits that before he joined, the world seemed to revolve around him. He says that when he realized the world didn't revolve around him, he also realized he was not a child of God. An Army ch...  Read the full post ( 278 words, estimated 1:07 mins reading time )

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There When You Need It posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 24

Aren't you glad that God always gives us what we need? He really does. I'm sure you can recall countless times when you weren't sure how you would make it through a situation, but just in time, everything turned out okay. You can look back and see God's hand in your life over and over again. That's what's so great about the Hand Presentation - we always have what we need to share the Gospel! Y...  Read the full post ( 304 words, estimated 1:13 mins reading time )

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Spiritually Vibrant posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 17

Do you care about your child's spiritual development? Of course you do! The single most important part of parenthood is the task of spiritually discipling your child. Every Christian parent wants their child to have a relationship with Jesus. But what's more, is what your child does with that relationship. As a parent, how are you cultivating ground for your child's spiritual growth? Now that s...  Read the full post ( 306 words, estimated 1:13 mins reading time )

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Father’s Day posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 11

Over and over again throughout Scripture, you'll notice that God is referred to as a Father. Now, that may seem strange to those who don't know Him, but as believers, we know that the Lord desires to have a relationship with us and take care of His children just as a father should. The perfect illustration of God's Fatherly love towards us was given to us by Jesus in the Parable of the Prodigal So...  Read the full post ( 309 words, estimated 1:14 mins reading time )

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Rest posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 4

‘You've been saved by grace through faith - not of works, lest any man should boast...’ Ephesians 2:8 Take a deep breath and let that sink in. If you know Jesus as your Savior, are you still trying to win His approval and work your way into Heaven? If you're a better Christian, will you deserve Heaven any more? The answer is no. So, rest. Rest in the fact that God stepped down in human f...  Read the full post ( 345 words, estimated 1:23 mins reading time )

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Finish Strong posted by John Sorensen on May, 27

Do you ever feel like fast forwarding to the 'good part' of life? Maybe you're in a storm right now and you just want things to get better and move past this part. Well, there aren't buttons like that in life. Solomon has some wisdom for us in Ecclesiastes chapter seven, for when we feel like this. ’Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the...  Read the full post ( 333 words, estimated 1:20 mins reading time )

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Service and Sacrifice posted by John Sorensen on May, 20

Where have you seen examples of service and sacrifice? Certainly, around Memorial Day, we see tributes to our fallen soldiers and added thankfulness to those currently serving. But have you really thought about their sacrifice for us? They leave behind their families and the comfort of home to step out into the unknown for me and you. Every morning, our service men and women wake up, put their...  Read the full post ( 333 words, estimated 1:20 mins reading time )

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Change the World posted by John Sorensen on May, 13

How are you changing the world? Now, you might be thinking, 'John, changing the world sounds great, but I'd just like to figure out how the rest of the day is going to go!' While that may be the case, changing the world starts with one decision. That one decision just might be to get involved with EE's Change Makers! This program is designed to equip young adults, usually 18-35 year olds, to ch...  Read the full post ( 329 words, estimated 1:19 mins reading time )

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