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What Are You Doing? posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 20

What Are You Doing?What are you doing to get closer to the Lord? When you know Jesus, you should have the desire to know Him better and continually be in His presence. So, what are you doing to fix your eyes on Him? There are five key means of growth that will help you in your walk with Jesus. As believers, it's incredibly important to know His Word and know it well. So, our first means of grow...  Read the full post ( 382 words, estimated 1:32 mins reading time )

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GO2020 posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 13

When was the last time you shared the Gospel? Now, when was the last time you brushed up on some evangelism training? Last question - did you know Evangelism Explosion has partnered with GO2020 to create an online evangelism training course to help you get started as a witness for Christ? Well, if it's been a while since you last shared the love of Christ, or if you've never shared at all, it m...  Read the full post ( 374 words, estimated 1:30 mins reading time )

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Adjust Your Focus posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 6

You know, it can be easy to go through your life focusing on yourself while forgetting to pay attention to the needs of others. The same can be true while witnessing. We might be determined to share the Gospel with someone, all the while completely ignoring their needs. An easy to remember tool to share your faith is the hand presentation. It has five main points and it's simple! First, hold up...  Read the full post ( 344 words, estimated 1:23 mins reading time )

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New Year, New Focus posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 30

Can you believe another year has gone by? Time flies by, and as you get older, the brakes don't work as well as they used to! How well did your 2019 resolutions go? Now, how many of your resolutions last year were focused on yourself? Most people want to improve their health, finances or just improve their lives in general. The best way we can improve our lives, and the lives of others, is by c...  Read the full post ( 271 words, estimated 1:05 mins reading time )

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Joy to the World posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 23

When was the last time you celebrated something? Was it a birthday? A promotion? A retirement? Well, what about Christmas? When was the last time you celebrated the birth of Christ? You're probably thinking, 'Are you crazy? Last December 25th. That’s when!' But did you really celebrate? We've been given this Joy to the World! Yet, we get caught up in the busyness of the season - the gift buyi...  Read the full post ( 295 words, estimated 1:11 mins reading time )

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Is Jesus God? posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 16

Is there any real evidence that Jesus is God? Is it okay if he’s not God? What do we really know about that? EE’s founder, D. James Kennedy wrote a book called, Why I Believe, and in it, he says that no one can disbelieve Jesus because of a lack of evidence. He wrote that if you really seek the truth, you will find an abundance of evidence! The four Gospels give us many details about Jes...  Read the full post ( 365 words, estimated 1:28 mins reading time )

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Prophecy Fulfilled posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 9

[caption id="attachment_237236229" align="aligncenter" width="455"]  [/caption] Have you read much Biblical prophecy? Now before you glaze over, you should know that there is a very good reason for all of the prophecies throughout Scripture. Biblical prophecy is a roadmap of sorts. God has told us what to look for, what will happen and what to do! The most important prophecies pointed to...  Read the full post ( 362 words, estimated 1:27 mins reading time )

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Children’s Ministry posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 2

The boy never smiled due to his hard life that made him grow up too fast. He was uninterested in any activity, really. But, by the end of the end of the Explorer's Club semester, the boy had hope. He was changed! Only the Lord can recover someone who has been so broken and hopeless. What led to this boy having hope in Jesus? Well, are you familiar with Explorers Club? What about Hope for Kids?...  Read the full post ( 348 words, estimated 1:24 mins reading time )

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Thankful Heart posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 25

Do you want a Thanksgiving challenge? Now, I'm not going to challenge you to eat an entire turkey or pecan pie by yourself. I'm not going to tell you to sub the casseroles for a salad either. But I would like to challenge you this week to have a thankful heart. Everyone has so many things to be thankful for, yet we complain and are envious of our neighbor. Can you list five things you are than...  Read the full post ( 360 words, estimated 1:26 mins reading time )

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Small Texas Church Encourages Others to Reach Out posted by Evangelism Explosion on Nov, 20

Sitting on a hill, just outside of Dallas, Texas, a small church is encouraging others to take a step of faith. They are joining arms with pastors who have a passion for evangelism and helping them realize that reaching their city for Jesus Christ is not only possible, but also doable. Two years ago, Church on the Hill averaged a little over 60 people in attendance each Sunday, including children...  Read the full post ( 683 words, estimated 2:44 mins reading time )

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