Reaching Latin America For Christ Till Everyone Hears.

Mr. Josué Blanco

Vice President of EE Latin America

The Gospel Need in Latin America

Latin America is a region with a rich history of religious traditions and practices, yet the need for the Gospel message to be shared and received is more pressing than ever. Poverty, social and political instability, and a search for hope and meaning are issues that plague many individuals and communities in the region. The message of salvation through Jesus Christ brings peace and hope many are searching for, and we are working tirelessly to disciple the church to bring the Gospel to those who desperately need it. We can join in the effort by offering our prayers and getting involved. Let us be part of the solution, sharing the love and truth of Christ with those who are longing for it in Latin America.

Train Your Congregation

Are you a pastor or church leader ready to train disciple-makers? We want to help you! We work in and through local churches all around the world to disciple congregations. Learn how your church can get started today.

Share Your Faith

You may have already heard the Gospel and accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Now what? One of the ways we can grow in our faith is to learn how to share it. Find a training near you and get discipled today.

Join Our Network

Is your church, ministry, or school holding an EE training? We would love to get connected! Join our church network and be represented on our global map so that Christians near you can get trained to share their faith.
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