Reaching Asia For Christ Till Everyone Hears.

Rev. Yuen Woh Voon

Vice President of EE Asia

The Gospel Need in Asia

Asia, a vast and diverse landmass, holds within its folds a rich tapestry of cultures, religions, and belief systems. Amidst this vibrant medley, there is a darkness that only the Gospel of Christ can brighten.

There is a deep-seated spiritual yearning that pervades many across Asia. Traditional religions and philosophies, while offering frameworks for living, leave a void when it comes to addressing existential questions about suffering, purpose, and ultimate meaning. The Gospel’s message of hope, love, and redemption resonates with this innate human desire for a connection with the divine and a path through Jesus of becoming a new creation set apart to honor and glorify God.

Evangelism Explosion Ministries In Asia (13 Countries)

5th Congress Of Nations 2023

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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