Train Your Congregation

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Evangelism is the work of the church

Equipping the Saints

Sharing the message of the Gospel with those who do not yet know Christ is a crucial mission for every church. But how can you ensure that your members are equipped to confidently and effectively share the Good News? The answer is clear: discipling your congregation and teaching them to do the same. By investing in evangelism discipleship, you can empower your church members to become powerful witnesses for Christ. Equipping your congregation can help them become more engaged with your community and demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways. Want to get started? We’d love to help!

Attend A Clinic

Over the course of one to two days, you or your church leaders can learn everything you need to know about starting evangelism discipleship with your congregation! We have dedicated Field Workers all across the world that would love to come alongside and help. Browse our Clinics to find one near you, or contact us to get one started in your area!

Host An Equip America Event

More than ever, people in your city are desperate for hope – a hope that can only be filled through Jesus Christ. It only takes a moment to decide to share the most exciting truth we have – our faith. Time is short. We can do more with our moments. Together, we can bring hope to those who are searching for it. Let’s share our faith with confidence!

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