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Trinidad is part of a twin island republic called Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Christianity is professed by nearly two-thirds of the population and is said to be the fastest-growing religious group there. Although the church is experiencing growth, Evangelism Explosion Trinidad and Tobago believes that more can be done to encourage personal evangelism with a focused discipleship strategy.
EE Trinidad and Tobago disciples pastors, leaders, and congregations in a powerful tool of discipleship that equips believers to multiply in and through local churches. They work to equip believers from all walks of life to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple yet effective way. By using programs such as Hope For Kids, Share Your Faith, and Classic EE, many individuals have been able to share the Gospel with others who might not have fully understood it before.

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Are you a pastor or church leader ready to train disciple-makers? We want to help you! We work in and through local churches all around the world to disciple congregations. Learn how your church can get started today.

Share Your Faith

You may have already heard the Gospel and accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Now what? One of the ways we can grow in our faith is to learn how to share it. Find a training near you and get discipled today.

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Is your church, ministry, or school holding an EE training? We would love to get connected! Join our church network and be represented on our global map so that Christians near you can get trained to share their faith.
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