eeHelps Mobile App

Turn your SmartPhone into a HeartPhone!

eeHelps will help you engage the Gospel in interactive ways. You do not have to be a seasoned witness to use eeHelps. It’s for those just getting started as well as those who have EE experience. It’s an exciting electronic tool from EE to help you to be faithful to witness.

eeHelps records all of your training, witnessing and prayer activity to help you follow-up and follow-through with the people you are encouraging toward Christ. eeHelps is a wonderful today-tech-tool to assist you in your EE training semester and also for way-of-life witnessing.


eeHelps on iPhone

“The Anywhere-Prayer-Finder equips my congregation to go out and intentionally discover the prayer needs of people in our lives, and remember to pray for them. Finally, an app with eternal impact”


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What does eeHelps do?

  • helps you find people who are open to hearing the Gospel through the use of Questionnaires
  • helps you share your faith with people through the use of electronic Gospel Tracts
  • helps you discover prayer needs of the people in your life
  • helps you organize, report and remember your prayer and witnessing encounters through email reports sent back to you
  • helps you follow-up with people through links to a variety of online resources
  • helps you equip and empower your congregation, outreach and missions teams for personal witnessing
  • helps you fulfill the great commission personally and corporately

Download it free from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

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