May 15

Africa posted by jwatson on May 15, 2010

I write from an airport in Nairobi, Kenya as I wait for my flight to Lilongwe, Malawi. It’s been quite a few days.

I was just in South Africa for a selection meeting for new staff. There were 19 there recommended by regional and national directors. I am amazed at the quality of young people joining our staff!

Most amazing was the chance to meet again with a young man named Andy. I’ve been praying for Andy for almost ten years. Andy was one of my trainees at the African Bible College back in 2002. In fact, I only have two pictures on my desk, one is of my wife and mom, the other is of Andy sharing the Gospel with a gal named Angelina. A memory I will never forget. And a reminder of why we do what we do. To see the change in Andy is worth all the efforts we go through to train and equip people worldwide.

Now Andy is joining our staff. I can’t wait to support him and his wife Grace. And, some of the way that he is working in the remote villages of northern Malawi will help us to learn how to reach people groups better. What an answer to prayer! And what a privilege to serve in this great work!

Now I head to Malawi to preach tomorrow. Then I have the joy to speak at chapel for ABC on Monday. Then Malcolm Thomas will join me for a ground breaking for a new center in Malawi. Wow. Amazing.

I travel home on Tuesday to speak at Knox’s graduation on Friday. My whole family will be there.

I have no words for how blessed I am. Glory to God!

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