Deaf EE

A Gospel Tool the Deaf Can Call Their Own

The deaf are a people group with their own unique language and culture. Evangelism Explosion International (EE) has developed materials specifically for the deaf. The deaf are now being trained to share the saving story of Jesus with other deaf, utilizing EE training tools in grammar and concept the deaf easily understand.

EE has trained literally millions of pastors, lay leaders, and laypeople with the Gospel of Jesus Christ across all nations, generations, and denominations. The deaf now join this worldwide assembly to share the Gospel and train its own.

After one deaf pastor saw the Deaf EE teaching and training materials, tears welled up in his eyes as he exclaimed with joy, “PAH,” “Finally!”

For too long, the deaf have struggled with the complexities of English, a language mostly foreign to them. The deaf now embrace the EE materials developed exclusively for them.

Deaf EE integrates classroom training, actual on-the-job witnessing with skilled trainers, and follow-up reports that develops way-of-life witnesses.

It helps the deaf build relationships with others, to effectively communicate the Gospel, builds discipleship by equipping deaf church members for evangelism, and promotes healthy vital relationships with Christ resulting in meaningful church growth.


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